Kotsovolos Secret Dinner

About This Project

Can you keep a “secret”? There is a valuable secret that Liberty shares with Kotsovolos, one that Kotsovolos shares with its clients! The Secret Dinners! The secret to making your brand the talk of the town and to saying to each of your special customers, that for you they are unique. Molded by exclusivity and clad in secrecy, secret dinners are a luxurious gift offered by Kotsovolos to 15 strangers, invited to dine at an unforeseen, secret spot of the city hosted by celebrities or all kinds of experts, to get to know each other and discuss current affairs with the experts. “Back stage,” Liberty weaves the urban myth of the secret dinner in the social media feeding the mystery, transforming the space for the “rendezvous” and of course signing off each detail of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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